Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Baa-aaack Holiday Version

I wrote a post earlier about a creature who haunts our house called The Toilet Paper Phantom, and then later I shared an instance when he put a toothpick in my shoe. Well, I think he's back.

The other night, about midnight, I noticed that my husband had gotten out of bed and was wandering around the house. So, I got up and went to see what he was doing. "Do you have a mousetrap set anywhere?" he asked. I immediately knew why. In my sleep I'd heard something that sounded like a block of wood falling to the floor, but I think I'd incorporated the sound into my dream and didn't realize I'd really heard it until he'd asked me about the mousetrap.

Well, I only knew of one mousetrap, and it had been set in the back of a cabinet probably sometime last winter, but we checked it anyway and it was still set. So we began to go around the house looking for anything that could have made that sound. We finally made our way to the Christmas tree and noticed that, not one, but two ornaments had fallen off the tree. And not just any two. The two that had fallen off were both given to me by one of my best friends right before our wedding and they'd hung on our tree every year since. Weird. One was a traditional ball ornament, much too light to have made that noise, but the other was a heavy plexiglass disc with the date and snowflakes etched on it. I'm sure that it smacking the hardwood floor was the sound we'd heard. And even weirder is that it's not like one could have fallen off and hit the other. They were in totally different spots on the tree.

Stop playing that Christmas music. Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

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