Monday, September 22, 2008

Maybe It's Baa-aack

The other morning I was putting on my running shoes, getting ready to go out and pound the pavement (or, more appropriately for our road, gallivant through the gravel). After securely tying both shoes in double knots and walking to the door, I realized that they were full of little pieces of sand and gravel. So, I took them off, shook them out over the garbage can, and put them on again.

I made it only a few feet from my back door before I had to stop. I felt something sort of pinching the top of my foot. I reached down and tugged at my sock, thinking that would fix it. I took a few more steps. I tried to ignore it. I did NOT want to take off my shoes again. A few more steps. Now something was definitely stabbing into the top of my foot.

Exasperated, I propped my foot on the fence rail, untied my shoe AGAIN, and reached in a finger to assess the situation. I kid you not, inside my sock, on top of my foot, was a wooden toothpick.

(Note to readers: Imagine Twilight Zone theme song playing here.)

I can come up with plausible scenarios for a toothpick stuck to the bottom of my foot, although how I could actually walk around, put on socks, then put on shoes without feeling it, I don’t know. But the top? Any ideas on this one?

P.S. There are no children in the house. (Theme song plays louder here.)

1 comment:

Ash said...

It's obvious what's going on here...your toilet paper poltergeist has now added hiding toothpicks in socks to it's resume. Either that, or you have a totally knew poltergeist that specializes in toothpicks. Could your running shoes be haunted?

"galavanting through the gravel"...LOL