Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stephen King's Top 10

Stephen King published his Ten Favorite Novels of 2009 the other day in Entertainment Weekly. (Not all these novels were published in 2009.)

1. The Little Stranger, Sarah Waters

2. Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates

3. Hollywood Moon, Joseph Wambaugh

4. Midnight's Children, Salman Rushdie

5. 2666, Roberto Bolano

6. Shatter, Michael Robotham

7. Drood, Dan Simmons

8. Gone Tomorrow, Lee Child

9. Ravens, George Dawes Green

10. Rough Country, John Sandford

I just bought the Sarah Waters novel, The Little Stranger, the other day. I was introduced to Waters by one of my professors at Ole Miss. We read her novel Affinity in a Gothic Novel class, and I read Fingersmith on my own. I also read Yates' Revolutionary Road this year. I've read several of John Sandford's novels, but not the one King recommends. Actually, to be more accurate, I guess I've listened to several of his novels on CD during my back and forth trips to Oxford.

I always feel better when I've read something on somebody's Top Whatever list, or at least have a passing acquaintance with one of the authors on it.

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