Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ta Da!

I submitted a complete, finished draft of my dissertation yesterday. And what did I do to celebrate?

I cleaned house to the accompaniment of Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

So, now you're wondering what I'm going to do to celebrate after the defense?

Well, for one thing, I'm going to have a ceremonial note card burning. Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Amazing!! Way to go! Pick a different way to celebrate the defense...just a suggestion - a nap, good long run, junk fiction, and the always favorite---chocolate!

I am so happy for you!

Ian said...

Though not a dissertation ceremonial note burning, I got to do my celebratory end-of-the-semester printed .pdf article recycling. I had more than a ream of paper.

Huge congrats on having finished. You should probably read for fun!

maria cleo martin said...

come to oxford & be my roomie at the new pad for a few days!!!

lisa b said...

I am so, so proud of you!

And chocolate . . . definitely something with chocolate.

Mexican food is always good too!