Monday, April 27, 2009

Booking It--Refund Reading

April is Tax Month. If you were to get a refund of, say, $500, and had to spend it all on book-related items, what would you buy?

Well, if someone forced me . . . I don't know. My first thought was a Kindle, but I'm just not sure I'd use it. I like to hold books in my hand, flip back to re-read, underline passages, and write in the margins. But I might like one for reading periodicals. Maybe.

But then, $500 would buy a lot of books . . .

Or a lot of skinny lattes in the library or the bookstore. Skinny lattes do count as a book-related item, don't they?


Ian said...

I got the chance to play around w/ a Kindle very recently purchased by a UPenn Computer Engineering prof. who is in my church Life group. He's using it primarily to read and edit student's thesis and dissertations, so I guess the Kindle 2 has decent notation capabilities.

If I had the spare $400 lying around, I know that I would be first in line to buy one. If nothing else, I could fill it up with PDFs of articles I've been meaning to read and always have them around, instead of printing hundreds of sheets of paper.

Stephanie said...

That's a great idea. I'd probably get a lot of use out of one that way. Especially if you can highlight and annotate.