Friday, April 3, 2009

Five Plays in Five Days

I’ve been to London twice, and both times I’ve been there I’ve gone to a play every night. It’s absolutely wonderful. The only hard part is choosing which plays to see. Here are the ones I saw this trip:

1. Three Days of Rain, with James McAvoy
2. Wicked
3. Madame de Sade, with Judi Dench
4. The Lion King
5. Enjoy

When we were standing in line to get tickets for Madame de Sade, the people in front of us couldn’t decide whether or not to purchase the tickets. They hemmed and hawed, consulted each other, and finally asked the seller, “What’s the play about?”

She replied (with a smile), “What does it matter? Judi Dench is in it!” I almost laughed out loud because, when I heard them ask that, I had answered in my head with the exact same words. I didn’t really know anything about the play, but as soon as I found out that she was performing, I knew I was gonna be there.

The only problem with seeing all those plays is, now I’m in withdrawal!

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