Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Scary Part

I decided to start with the easy parts--the places I could reach with my husband's 9-ft ladder. That got me pretty far, but didn't do the whole job. So, once that much was done, my husband rented me a scaffold and a beam to use with one of his ladders so that I could work on the wall above the stair case. Here's what I was working on:

The bad part about the scaffold is that it wasn't tall enough, so you see that step stool up there? I had to stand up on it to reach the very top. It wasn't toooo bad when I was in the center of the scaffold, but getting close to the edges made my stomach feel really funny.

Yes, I had to walk out on that thing. And, yes, it shook. A little. But a little feels like a lot when you're about twelve feet above the floor. I just kept telling myself, "$5000, $5000, . . . "

The afters are coming next week.

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