Friday, September 26, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!

For the last several weeks, I've received at least one e-mail per day from the Ole Miss list-serv about debate-related issues. One, headlined "Bad news," informed students that several of the main streets on campus would be closed for days before and maybe after the debate for security purposes, and that 2000, yes 2000, student parking spots would be reserved for media and debate-related visitors. A friend who's still on campus said it felt a little surreal when she looked up the other day and saw men with guns pacing the roof of the Library. No driving, no parking, a clogged-up campus, men in black with guns, and most students won't even be able to set foot anywhere near the debate.

But not too worry. They can attend Rock the Debate, an event in the Grove, free and open to the public. The festival includes a mix of music, speakers, video presentations, display areas, games, and will showcase Southern food. After the festival, students and the general public are invited to gather at the Grove stage to watch the historic debate live on 14-by-18-foot HD television screens on either side of the stage.

Hey, they don't call Ole Miss a party school for nothing.

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