Monday, July 21, 2008

It's in the Bag

I’m searching for the perfect bag.

Requirements: It must be roomy enough to hold my billfold, keys, glasses, Blackberry, ipod, miscellaneous makeup items, my afternoon-snack-protein-bar, a small notebook, a couple of pens, and a book (or two), yet not be so large that it looks as though I’m leaving my husband.

It should be chic, stylish, sturdy, and go with a variety of outfits. It must contain convenient and appropriately sized pockets and dividers, for easy access to abovementioned articles. It should not collapse upon itself when left unattended.

Although several bags have applied for this position, they proved themselves unequal to the task, and were therefore unacceptable.

If you can guide me to this bag, or its near cousin, and an arrangement agreeable to both parties is negotiated, there’s a drink of your choice from Midnight Oil in it for you.

1 comment:

The White Family said...

Remind me to show you my purse this Sunday at church. I love it! I got it in California at Mervyn's, which is similar to Kohl's. I bought it over Spring Break, so I doubt they have them anymore.