Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Century’s Greatest Injustice

Our century’s greatest injustice: Sheryl WuDunn on

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Jonathan G. Reinhardt said...

As someone who's lived and worked in Less Developed Countries, I can unambiguously say that this is, if not perhaps "our century's greatest injustice," hands down the most important development issue there is. Field experience and studies show over and over again that women are better stewards of the family's resources in Less Developed Countries and that those families do best where the mother is educated, financially independent, and able to assert her legal rights.

I'm not sure that's gender-intrinsic or an economic fix-all (after all, the poorest demographics in the U.S. are also primarily matriarchies), but it does appear to be the first major step to lifting people out of abuse and poverty -- not just the women, but also their daughters, sons, and husbands.