Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Urge to Simplify

Stress. Stress. Stress.

I hate stress.

It's weird. I have a great life. I'm healthy. I have a wonderful family. Dear friends. A good job. A nice home.

So why do I feel so stressed?

There are lots of reasons, I guess, but one is simply having too much stuff. Too many clothes. Too many shoes. Too many kitchen gadgets. Too much stuff stuffed in junk drawers. And so on. And so forth. You have to clean stuff. And sort stuff. And choose between stuff.

So, lately I've really had the urge to simplify. A strong urge. I know simplifying reduces stress, but I'm not quite sure how to get from where I am to where I want to be.

I'm on a mission. Any suggestions?

P. S. The only thing that I have a lot of that doesn't stress me out is books--well, I am stressed that I don't have enough time to read all that I want to, but that's another story . . . .


Kelly said...

If you feel stressed in your kitchen, you might clear off the counter tops to only essentials you use everyday. I keep out only our coffee pot, knife board, and fruit basket. I have my KitchenAid out right now because it's too heavy to put away myself. Anyway, when I completely clear out an area free of "extras", I feel less stressed.

P.S. I also cleaned out my shoes to the bare minimum, and I love not having to dig through them or fret about which ones to wear. Simplicity does help.

lisa b said...

I have no real suggestions other than yoga and prayer.

I've just decided that life is stressful and there's no way around it.

I did notice over the break that my wardrobe is very color-unified. Lots of black, brown, denim, and purple. It makes it easier to mix and match things yet look pulled together.

Of course it also makes it boring. :-) Maybe that's the problem. We think we want a calm and peaceful environment and yet we really want the variety. Variety and choices lead to stress. It's a vicious cycle.

Stephanie said...

It is. I did clean out my closet over break, and it helped, but it's still too full. I've got more purging to do--clothes and shoes. I like the kitchen idea. I don't have a lot on the counter, but more could go. It's funny--my house is no where near those on TV where people have so much stuff there are only little pathways through it. In fact, if you came in you wouldn't think I'd feel this way--there are no piles of stuff or overflowing drawers--but I do still feel overwhelmed by my stuff. Maybe I should pick one small area/thing a day to simplify and see how far that takes me. I don't want to be stressed out by my simplification plans.

Ian said...

For me, I feel less cluttered if I read about getting rid of clutter--whether I do or not! One of my favorite blogs is Unclutterer and I always feel a bit calmer after reading tips to destress and de-stuff my stuff.

Good luck!