Thursday, March 5, 2009

How To Begin

Last week, after my Girl Who Cain’t Say No post, Jonathan asked what I was going to say about Tolerance when I spoke at the WINGS conference. Well, I can’t condense a 45 minute speech into a blog post, but I can definitely tell you how I began: with humility.

I like what James W. Sire says in his book The Universe Next Door: A Catalog of Worldviews:

“Unless each of us begins by assuming that we are in our present state the sole maker and meaning-giver of the universe, it would be well to accept an attitude of humility as a working frame of reference. [Human beings are finite, and this truth] will keep us both from total accuracy in the way we grasp and express our worldview and from completeness or exhaustiveness. Some truths of reality will slip through our finest intellectual nets, and our nets will have some holes we have not even noticed. So the place to start is with humility.”


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