Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last Friday, I got to do two really great things today. For one, I finally got to start a novel just for pleasure. The other? I flew to London.

I know. I know. Who takes a vacation right in the middle of dissertation writing? But my oldest son found a great last-minute deal, next week’s his Spring Break, and he asked me to come along. The offer was just too good to refuse!

Besides, British Literature is my area, so it really is work-related. It is. I’ve convinced myself of it.

Furthermore, a week off might actually do me good. My brain is so tired that sometimes it is incredibly hard to make myself sit down and work. And, although I am disciplined and do write—all day, five days a week—it seems as if my thinking processes have slowed, and I’m finishing fewer pages than I’d like by the end of each day.

I’m hoping that I go to England, have a great time, never think of my dissertation while I’m there, and then become a writing fool when I get back home.

Yep. That’s the plan.


David M Manes said...

You got mentioned in an article that someone wrote in a class blog back at HU. Don't worry - it's a good thing.


Stephanie said...

Thanks! I'll check it out.