Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Next Thing

For the last few years, getting a PhD completely took over my life. All my time, all my energy, all of me, it seems, was put into the effort. But I missed doing other things, having other goals. And one of the things I missed was music.

I've always loved to sing, and I used to do community chorus and community theater, but I became too busy for that once I was both teaching and working on a degree. I had taken piano lessons for years during my childhood, but I quit the lessons and even quit playing when I reached my early teens. I deeply regret that, now. Both of my sons play guitar, and I love listening to them. We often have sing-a-longs when they are home, and hearing them play made me long to play an instrument. I'd love to be able to play along with them, but I'd also like to play just for my own pleasure--one more of those joys I was talking about the other day.

I thought about starting piano again, and I'd really like to, but that's a pretty big investment--both in money and in floor space. I'd always wanted to play a violin (or a fiddle, depending on what type of music I was in the mood for), and I've mentioned it several times in the last few years. When I get through with this degree I'm going to learn to play . . . was my refrain. My sons thought it was a good idea and encouraged me. "You should do it, Mom. You should . . ." But I just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Well, guess what? No more excuses! For my birthday, my family gave me a beautiful new violin! And I start lessons today!

My New Violin

I'm very excited, but I'm also a little scared. Or maybe "scared" is not the right word. Intimidated? Anxious? Isn't it terrible what we do to ourselves as adults? When we are children, learning something new is an adventure. We can't wait to get started. We're all anticipation. Adults, on the other hand, are afraid of looking stupid, afraid of messing up in front of somebody else, afraid of embarassing ourselves. I'll admit, I have thought those things, but you know what? I'm not going there. I can do this. And it's gonna be fun.

Who knows? If this turns out to be wildly successful, I may relearn piano, too.


Jennifer said...

Yay for you! I know you will do great. I loved band in High School and I miss it...I wish I still had my flute and had somewhere to get involved and play.

Ash said...

Whoo hoo! Once you learn one song, it's all downhill. And, unlike when you're a kid forced into an instrument, the interest and dedication is there. Glad you're taking the plunge!