Monday, April 5, 2010

Booking It--Learning

Do you remember learning to read? What’s your earliest reading memory?

Some of my earliest memories are of being read to, and I've been told that I memorized my favorite books and would correct my Mom or my aunt when they read to me and changed a word or left something out.

My first memory of actually learning to read is a little embarrassing. I remember the teacher writing the words "was" and "saw" on the board and me being terrified that I'd NEVER learn to read because it was impossible to tell the difference between those two words.

I soon got over my fear and caught on pretty quickly. My next memories of reading are of being in reading groups and loving to read out loud but hating having to listen to the really s-l-o-w readers. I'd always read ahead and then get in trouble because when it came back around to my turn, I had no idea where to begin reading.

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