Monday, July 13, 2009

Booking It--Unread

“So here today I present to you an Unread Books Challenge. Give me the list or take a picture of all the books you have stacked on your bedside table, hidden under the bed or standing in your shelf – the books you have not read, but keep meaning to. The books that begin to weigh on your mind. The books that make you cover your ears in conversation and say, ‘No! Don’t give me another book to read! I can’t finish the ones I have!’"

OK. I've always kept a running list of "Books on my Nightstand" in the left-hand column of this blog, so listing them here wouldn't be anything new. Here, however, is a picture of the books on my nightstand:

I told you that I have a really big nightstand. This picture doesn't show, however, the unread books stacked on the nightstand in the upstairs bedroom, or the unread books at my office, or . . .

You get the picture.

Oh yeah. Two more days.

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