Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life, Interrupted

Friday, I finished revising my dissertation and hit the magic "Send" button. I knew I needed to start on my paper for the CSC, but I figured I'd wait 'til Monday and give myself the weekend off. Perfect time to head to Oxford for the weekend!! See some friends, hang out on the Square, eat a pizza from Newk's, go to a concert in the Grove.

No such luck. Friday afternoon about four o'clock the storm hit and our electricity went out. "It'll come back on soon," I thought. Wrong. Saturday morning, I called the electric company and they had no idea when they'd get to us. So, instead of heading to Mississippi, we hooked up the generator to our freezer and suffered through the heat and the dark. The power finally came on Sunday morning about 9:30, but of course we'd headed to church and left the windows wide open. So, when we got home the air conditioner was running full blast, trying to cool the whole world.

Alas, no trip to Oxford anytime soon. I've got a paper to write.

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