Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Listen

Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Narrated by Nadia May
Length: 6 hrs 30 mins

Written when she was 26, Agnes Grey is Anne Bronte's first novel (published in 1847). It tells the story of a rector's daughter who has to earn her living as a governess. Drawing directly from her own experiences, Anne Bronte set out to describe the immense pressures that the governess' life involved: the frustration, the isolation, and the insensitive and cruel treatment on the part of employers and their families.

Too often, Anne Bronte has been portrayed as a saintly, self-effacing shadow of her elder sisters. But clearly she possessed resources of courage and determination equal to theirs, together with a sweetness that was all her own.

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Ian said...

I figured that if anyone can appreciate this video, it's you:

(It's especially relevant based on the novel you're currently listening to.)